Rules for Brunswick County's Inmate Visitation

Brunswick County only has a few rules.

  1. You must not have a restraining order between you and the inmate you are visiting.  If you have taken out a restraining order against the inmate that you'd like to visit, that visit can be terminated without warning with no refund. No person present on the video visit can be involved in a restraining order situation with the inmate who is being visited.
  2. There will be no nudity
  3. There will be no illegal behaviour
  4. The video can be terminated at the discretion of the facility if there are any violations without refunds
  5. All visits must be scheduled on EST.  If you are in a different time zone, please make sure you make the appropriate adjustment in your scheduling.  Visits are scheduled on the Jail's time.
  6. Cell phones cannot handle the video bandwidth.  Please do not use a cell phone for your visit.

Video terminations that result due to lewd behavior will NOT be refunded.  In the event that illegal or questionable behaviour continues, loss of video visitation privileges may result.